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Welcome to Growcenter Noord

Coins in soil with young plant. Money growth concept.

Welcome by Grow Center Amsterdam

For the installation of a complete greenhouse or the smallest Paludarium or Terrarium, Growcenter Amsterdam delivers you online and from our warehouse in Amsterdam North, all necessary products, garden supplies and related items. GrowCenter Noord specializes in the control of Light, Water and Air. This is essential for creating a perfect biotope, a well-yielding greenhouse or a beautiful roof terrace. GrowCenter Noord supplies you with high quality products with an excellent price / quality ratio.

GrowCenter Amsterdam has a very extensive sorting of plant nutritions, Whether your plants are making roots, leaves, flowers, seeds or fruits, GrowCenter Noord has the right nutrition for every stage of development. GrowCenter Noord specializes in the most renowned brands of plant nutrition such as Canna, Dutch Pro, Plagron, BioBizz, and B'cuzz. We can offer you the desired and necessary nutrition at every stage of the plant's development.

a hand giving fertilizer to a young plant / planting tree
Cardboard boxes are delivered all over the world on the conveyor

GrowCenter Amsterdam ships with Post NL, mail and parcels in a neutral, solid packaging. At your request you have the possibility of personal delivery of the products ordered, at any address you wish in the Netherlands. Growcenter Amsterdam stands for good and fast service, expertise, customer service and good aftercare.

Can-Fan Satelite 4A
Can-Fan Satelite 4A
€ 310,00€ 263,50
Can-Fan ec Controller
Can-Fan ec Controller
€ 155,00€ 131,75